How to Learn – How to Teach

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How to Learn – How to Teach

 For Parents and Students

The Parents and Students Edition contains what you need to know and use in order to prevent inflicting any of the Seven Barriers to Learning and Comprehension on themselves or their students.

It contains all the original content of this work such as:

  • Study and learning are two different subjects
  • Personal methods of learning, styles of learning
  • Discovery Learning & Inquiry Based Learning
  • Three Dimensional Learners
  • Dyslexia may well be the mark of a higher level of natural ability
  • Cause and Effect in Learning
  • The Three Stages of Student Decline
  • The discovery of the SEVEN Barriers to Comprehension and Learning
  • How to recognize your student has collided with a barrier to comprehension, and handle it
  • The “How to Use This Manual” write-up
  • Course Project Checklist
  • The Processes, Procedures and Handling Tips Lists
  • Workbook of Exercises
  • Full Subject Index

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