How to Learn – How to Teach

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction & Forward

Why This Book and Manual were Written ? What’s in it for You.

About This Book

This Book Was Written for the Average Mom & Dad, Student and Teacher ? It is Not an Academic Tome ? It is the Result of Empirical Research, Test, and Observation: Not Theoretical Musings ? We Invite You to Test and Experience What We and Others Have found to be Simple, Self Evident, Workable Truths.

The Importance of This Book & Manual

It is Attainable That We Learn With Full Comprehension One-Hundred Percent Of What is Presented to Us and Have the Ability to Masterfully Apply All That is Learned During Our Studies. ? A very personal story of how a bright young star was crushed by bad educators ? Literacy rates and comprehension levels, even among university graduates, continue to drop according to government studies.

How to Use This Manual

You can read this manual as a book—or you can do it as a course ? Parents and teachers will use this manual to learn how to effectively and easily help their children and students learn without impeding them ? Students will use this manual to learn how to learn without being impeded by the barriers to comprehension ? What to look out for when using this manual.

Course Progress Checklist—How to Learn: How to Teach

This is the checklist that takes you through this manual when you choose to do it as a study course.

Part One

Chapter One

Learning and Studying are different ? We each have our own learning style and method ? The ability to learn is a faculty we all have—Young children do it naturally—The big question is: What gets in its way? ? Dyslexia is not correctly understood: It may well be the mark of a higher level ability that is being suppressed and impeded ? What is the real you that is engaged in this learning process? ? What is holographic learning? ? Your child’s sovereignty and self-determinism trump both “nature” and “nurture” ? Who are the exemplars who have done this right for 75 years?

Chapter Two

The Seven Barriers to Comprehension that Block Learning

Chapter Three

Learning Barrier One The Purpose & Value of a Subject and Your Intention for Studying It ? What is the # 1 cause of losing student interest and attention in class? ? Is this the key reason you did poorly in the subjects you did poorly in? ? What is the # 1 cause of incorrect or less than optimum application of what is learned?

Chapter Four

Learning Barrier Two Precepts and False or Preconceived Notions of What is Correct or Should Be ? Do you already think you know all about this?—Think again: You’re blocking your ability to learn ? How what you think you know blocks comprehension and truth ? How precepts block the ability to learn and interfere with the ability to apply what is learned.

Chapter Five

Learning Barrier Three Misunderstood Words, Terms, Symbols and Absent Definitions ? In the presence of non-defined words, terms or symbols a person is unable to perform—and if forced to do so will likely do so incorrectly ? In the presence of non-comprehended words, terms or symbols a person goes mentally blank and incompetent ? The omitted definition that killed effective education in America ? Ever wonder why people never get what you say or ask of them, but give you something else? This is your answer why! ? The physical and mental symptoms experienced when you go past non-comprehended or misunderstood words, terms or symbols ? How to learn definitions from a dictionary ? The physical symptom that tells you have a non-comprehension.

Chapter Six

Learning Barrier Four By-passed Gradients ? Why do you get dizzy when you are studying? ? Why do you get faint when you are trying to do something physical that’s new? ? Knowing what strikes terror into the hearts of students ? It’s not the level or point in the study that you appear to be having difficulty with that’s the trouble—look earlier ? The earlier missed step that causes later trouble ? The physical symptom that tells you have a by-passed gradient.

Chapter Seven

Learning Barrier Five An Imbalance of Action and Theory or Mass and Significance ? Ever wondered why you had run into a “brick wall” when studying some subjects?—Why you had gone weak and unable to function on others? ? Why good dictionaries give you pictures ? Why pictures are worth a thousand words ? The physical symptom that tells you have an imbalance of action to theory or mass to significance.

Chapter Eight

Learning Barrier Six Lack of Appreciation  ? A big subject and important to life and learning ? Failure to appreciate the parts of what is being studied, their significance, relative importance, applicability, use or value, will lead to a failure to fully comprehend, benefit from and correctly apply what is being studied and learned.

Chapter Nine

Learning Barrier Seven Failure to recognize and assign correct and relative orders of importance ? Are you bogged down on the merely useful and mundane? ? Are you missing the essentials? ? On any subject, there are things that are vital you understand and can do, and there are things that are merely useful, and then there are the things that are irrelevant or only entertaining ? Learn the important difference and how to use it.

Part Two

Chapter Ten

The Twelve Vital Fundamentals That Affect Studying and Life These are the barriers to being able to actually study ? All of life is a process—When these Vital Fundamentals are violated, life’s processes won’t work and one is unable to study ? The Vital Fundamentals have theirpositive expression as well as their negative expression.

Chapter Eleven

Vital Fundamental One YOU ? Do you know who or what you really are? ? What is the key ingredient to which all else is aligned, oriented, and against which all is related and understood? ? What is the vital ingredient that is most missing in our school classrooms today?

Chapter Twelve

Vital Fundamental Two No Processor or No Learning Partner ? Life is a system of exchanges: person to person, pole to pole, terminal to terminal—when this system of exchange cannot occur, life and learning cease.

Chapter Thirteen

Vital Fundamental Two (A) Someone or something continuously negatively processing the client or student ? How teachers kill the student’s willingness to learn ? How parents and teachers kill the child’s willingness to participate and/or contribute ? The positive action that empowers a child or student.

Chapter Fourteen

Vital Fundamental Three An Area of Fear ? Shyness? No, an area of fear ? You’ll be surprised at what can cause a child or student to withdraw and not participate ? Learn what the needed true positive opposite to fear is.

Chapter Fifteen

Vital Fundamental Four An Ascension Experience ? The double-edged sword of the ascension high and the crash & burn phenomena ? How wins become losses and how to prevent this ? Here is one of the most important actions a parent, teacher or student must be sure to take.

Chapter Sixteen

Vital Fundamental Five Wrong Answers ? How to crash your life, your child’s life, your students’ lives ? Why things don’t work as they should in a person’s life ? Why some folks have unchanging bad conditions or occurrences in life ? Error or accident-prone? No, it’s that the person has and is operating with wrong answers.

Chapter Seventeen

Vital Fundamental Six Paradigm Crashes ? Why a person gets to feeling life isn’t working for them ? The key to why life gets worse ? What’s behind the crashing, numbing disappointments in life and how to repair them ? The human ability paradigm: a key to successful outcomes in life ? What’s the set-up that’s upset?

Chapter Eighteen

Vital Fundamental Seven Continuous Recurring Problems ? Doing poorly in life or in study? Attention continuously stuck on something? Unable to change or upgrade your attainments and happiness level in life? Here’s your answer ? Being free to happily attain your wants, dreams and aspirations.

Chapter Nineteen

Vital Fundamental Eight Kepts (discreditable secrets kept) ? Kepts keep a person from being able to be fully, powerfully present; from being willing to be fully known and successful ? How to restore your power, awareness, focus and ability to act without reservation.

Chapter Twenty

Vital Fundamental Nine Harmful Acts ? The key to success reluctance, self-restraint and inhibition of the use of power ? How to restore your or your child’s willingness and ability to help, contribute to and do good things.

Chapter Twenty-One

Vital Fundamental Ten Someone or Something Triggering Incidents of Pain and Unconsciousness ? The answer to “mind fog” ? An answer to why one does things one doesn’t really want to do ? Restoring the freedom and ability to be fully present and aware.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Vital Fundamental Ten (A) Someone or Something Triggering Incidents of Past Loss ? Why folks stop creating their futures and give up in life ? Remedy this and you or your children or students will have certainty of position and be able to effectively produce success and attain objectives.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Vital Fundamental Eleven Non-Comprehended Words, Terms or Actions ? Non-comprehensions block the ability to perform, and if forced to do so the action may well be done in error and harmful ? The primary reason students abandon study ? Remedy this and you have perfect duplication, comprehension, competence and passion for learning.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Vital Fundamental Twelve Something Gone on Too Long ? Boring! ? Why you withdraw your life-force and attention out of an area, and then lose presence and control ? Have you properly recognized, validated and honored what you have accomplished when you have accomplished it? ? Learning how not to grind our kids into the dust of boredom ? Making sure dreams & aspirations stay alive.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Mastering the Learning Process ? How Learning Masters Operate Learning is the successful outcome of a correct study process ? Learning requires full comprehension of what is studied ? Successful application of what has been learned is the hallmark of competence ? The importance of learning and its effect on a successful life ? Errors in the learning process lead to non-comprehension, which results in immobility and loss of liveliness ? All of life is a learning curve—so you better learn how to do it well!

Appendix and Addendum

The odds and ends you’ll need when you choose to do this manual as a Study Course.

The Workbook of Exercises

These are the exercises we have created that address your basic abilities related to study and learning ? Recovering the ability to knowingly do what you are doing when you are doing it, and to do it under your aware control ? The action of knowingly exercising: the key to empowering ability (it’s what athletes do when they train).
The Workbook has been created as a stand-alone volume. Its contents are:
1.Recovering Purpose and Intention in study and learning 110
2.Recognizing and eliminating false or preconceived notions of what is or should be, precepts, negative beliefs and thoughts 116
3.Recognizing and undoing non-comprehension 118
4.Clarifying Misunderstood and Absent Definitions 119
5.Recognizing and handling the overwhelm and “too much” of by-passed gradients 121
6.Recognizing and handling the imbalance of Action & Theory or Mass & Significance 124
7.Restoring the recognition of value and the appreciation thereof 127
8.Recognizing the need and recovering the ability to assign correct & relative orders of importance 129
Exercise tools, items and processes:
Future Alignment Process 133
The Purpose and Power of Writing Success Stories 134
Unpleasant Sensation Handling . . . 136 136
Celebration of Regained Abilities, States and Wins Procedure 138


Additional Information to Explain, Clarify or Verify Material in this Manual

The Index

The list of Who’s and What’s and their location in this manual

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