How to Learn – How to Teach

All of Life is a Process

All of Life is a Process—a Learning Process

We all want to do the best we can, achieve the most we can, help our families, friends and loved ones the most we can. In short, we want to succeed at the highest level in all our endeavors, and we also want this for our children.

To achieve this, we need to harness the most basic of our abilities: the ability to learn.

As parents, if we want our children to do well in school and in life, this material is essential.  As individuals wanting to succeed in life, this material is essential.

Research shows that those individuals who learn easily also succeed easily. Indeed, the ability to learn is an essential ingredient of success.

It is to be noted that learning is more than what you see attempted in our schools and universities. It is a life-long process that is part of every activity or endeavor we engage in.

Your level of success in life very much depends on your ability to interface with life’s activities and opportunities, to perceive them correctly, to understand them and then respond in an optimum manner. And that very much involves the exercise of the learning ability we all blessed with.

In essence, all of life is a learning curve.

However, many, many folk have real difficulty learning and don’t realize the extent of their difficulty. The vast majority of folk are not learning at anything like their true capacity. Virtually everyone has some degree of learning barrier impeding their ability to easily learn at their optimum level. And this, of course, is reducing their achievement in life’s endeavors.

Research has revealed the seven barriers to comprehension that impede or block the ability to learn.

Tragically, these seven barriers to comprehension are in place and routinely foisted on virtually every child or student in our schools and universities in today’s system. And the result is the poor literacy levels and failing grades we read so much about in the press. Homeschooling parents who are unaware of this material will also tragically inflict this abuse on their children.

None of us want this—for ourselves, or our children.

How to Learn–How to Teach: Overcoming the Seven Barriers to Comprehension has the answers to this tragic situation. Used properly, the materials in this book are the key to your success and the success of your children.

If you want to win in life and at all of life’s endeavors, this book is for you.

This is why How to Learn–How to Teach: Overcoming the Seven Barriers to Comprehension has been written.

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