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Success Stories

Success Stories
from Parents and Students

This from a parent (who is also one of our consulting clients)

It followed a discussion I had with him, which demonstrated, by having him relate to and experience his own past episodes, the devastating effects produced by the non-comprehensions that result from faulty study and learning processes.

We were discussing this in relation to The Seven Barriers to Comprehension as delineated in the book How to Learn–How to Teach.

By email dated: 11/7/2006

From: Anthony Yim


After discussing words and dictionaries with Larry and yourself a few weeks ago, I realized I had a bit of reluctance in this area. I grew up disliking the dictionary and developed a habit of not looking up words I did not know the meaning to unless it was critical to my success.

Last week, my son who is 7 2/3 years old and in second grade was reading a book out loud in his bedroom. I decided to ask him if he had any words on the page he was reading that he did not know. He responded, “Yes … this one, this one, this one and this one,” as he pointed with his finger to the non-comprehended words. I was shocked as I now know the damage non-comprehended words can do to a person. So I said to him, “What if we got you a dictionary so you could find out what they mean.” He thought this was a good idea.

The next night, we happened to be near a Barnes & Nobles store and my son and I went into it in search of a dictionary. The store had 5 different children’s dictionaries so I got three of them down and had my son choose. He leafed through them and chose his favorite one. He then sat down on the floor and started to check out the contents of the dictionary. He exclaimed, “Wow this is really cool, … look at this word … you know what, I’m going to read this book every night.”

I stood there dumbfounded. Upon returning to the car, he then told my wife (who was shopping at another store), “This book is really fun.”

When we got home, my son continued reading his children’s dictionary and then proclaimed, “I’m bringing this dictionary to school to show everyone in my class.” And he did. Everyone was really impressed with this new type of book. Many had never really seen one of these before. (It reminded me of the movie where a pilot lobs a coke bottle down into the jungle and aboriginal natives find it and can’t figure out what it is.). The kids first looked up “bathroom” and got a big laugh. They then looked up “information”. Big step up.

Quite a different experience from my youthful days of using a dictionary and disliking it.


When I saw my client next he related to me the continued joy he experienced in seeing the enthusiasm with which his son was pursuing his learning. The boy was thoroughly self motivated and winning in his study now.

“Dad,” my client reported his boy said to him a few nights before, “You know what I am going to do? I’m going to take all the money I have in my savings account and buy one of these dictionaries for each of the kids in my class. They all need one!”

Dad and I then had to strategize on a plan to optimize and better channel this youthful exuberance. Perhaps one dictionary for the class might do the job?

Follow-up email dated: 11/16/2006


Two nights ago, my son, Brian, was again reading his dictionary and as he closed it to put it on the nightstand, he remarked, “I love my dictionary.”



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This from an adult student (a Ph. D. in education, no less)

June 27, 2003
Dr. R. Gathoni Maina Ph.D. writes:

There are only two dreams I have really, really, really wanted. Coming to USA, I am here, and becoming a successful actress.

I did presence with Roger this morning and got a HUGE MEGA WIN. He was running a mood drill on me and I said I was hopeful. Yet that was the cover up mood and when he asked again I saw the underlying mood of fear that blew open.

The more he asked me the question, ‘Describe your mood level’, the more I moved upward on the mood scale. I had despair as to whether I would fail again and then the realization of, ‘did I really love acting?’ Master painters really loved their work and knew every nook and cranny about their craft. I didn’t.

Roger had talked to me about the importance of defining misunderstood words because you cannot have what you don’t fully understand. I realized I had never really understood acting and it’s no wonder I don’t have it in my life! I chuckled. The despair failure mood dissipated into relief and then into a mood of delight and real excitement. I knew now that I shall get acting and definitely succeed once I understand and fully comprehend it, then I can holographically envision and project it. Previously all I was doing was projecting confusion, no wonder I failed!

The passion and purposefulness I felt was incredible — the HUGE MEGA WIN manifested and I just had to tell everyone!

Thanks Roger!!

Later that same day…using the drills in How to Learn–How to Teach

Gathoni writes:

In 1994, I opened an After-School center in notorious Watts, South Central Los Angeles right after the Rodney King Riots. I really got to fully know and comprehend working with inner city youth and become a master. The children moved from communicating with violence to using the non- violent ways I had taught them.

This of course threatened the status quo of key individuals associated with the center I had set up. Soon I was out of a job and suffered much pain, hurt, deep humiliation and shame. My superiors had not only humiliated me in front of the staff I had trained, but also in front of the children whose lives I had empowered and changed forever.

So during the celebration process with Roger this morning, I begun to identify my regained abilities from realizing I had not fully comprehended Acting so couldn’t have it. I said with all confidence, ‘I have regained my ability to accurately know’ and proceeded to describe the area in my life where this had been true.

Watts came up and all the pain stood ceiling high threatening to engulf me all over again. The realization began to dawn that I had associated fully knowing with pain and loss. It’s what happened to me at Watts…fully knowing how to work with inner city youth had led to a loss of a job and much pain and humiliation. No wonder I avoided knowing anything fully, comprehension was never done fully because I had pain linked to it.

Seeing that was AWESOME because I was able to separate the pain and see it for what it is…red zone superiors who were threatened by the loss of funding given to disfunctionalism in inner city environments.

My fully knowing in this area of working with inner city youth was what made me successful in empowering and changing their lives. This regained ability to accurately and fully know is what will make me a successful actress. I am glad to have this ability back!

Thanks Roger…you are special.

Love, Gathoni
Dr. R. Gathoni Maina

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